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What Clients Are Saying

On the fence about reaching out? I totally get it. It's tough to trust that a therapist is actually good at what they do based on a website bio. So don't just take my word for it - here are some reviews from actual clients and colleagues that will give you a sense of what it would be like to work together.

"Charlotte is absolutely amazing! As someone who wasn’t too sure about therapy to begin with i am so beyond thrilled that I reached out to charlotte and began my therapy journey with her. She is kind, responsive, provides tools to cope with emotions and life changes and even taps into more spiritual aspects of the mind. She’s helped me through difficult times and guided me through life with a more open mind and positive outlook on myself and different coping mechanisms. I’ve since been able to recommend her services to many of my friends and colleagues and I highly recommend her to you as well if you are looking for a therapist!"

- A.P. (client)

"Charlotte is a skilled and empathetic therapist, who I truly enjoy working with. Her open-minded approach pulls from a multitude of experiences/resources to come at a problem from all angles. I highly recommend Charlotte if you’re looking to explore and improve your own personal development and well-being."

- K.O. (client)

"I've worked with Charlotte for 3 years now. She is an absolute blessing in my life! She truly does follow the 'human first' approach. She listens, and works through multiple approaches to find the best fit to work through whatever it is you need help with. She does not judge nor prescribe. She genuinely wants to help you in whatever it is you want to receive help with. I HIGHLY recommend her services. Could not be more lucky to have met and worked with her as my therapist."

- P.M. (client)

"Charlotte has an unbelievable ability to connect with her clients in an authentic way. She has a presence that just makes you feel like you can be more vulnerable and honest without any worries about being judged. She is also really great at providing excellent tips and tricks to navigate through difficult times when things come up outside of sessions. I would highly recommend Charlotte to anyone seeking therapy!"

- S.C. (colleague)

"Charlotte is an extremely talented therapist who is incredibly aware and well-read -- I learn something from her every session and have passed many 'Charlotte lessons' along to my friends. Her vast knowledge of a variety of practices makes her a well-rounded therapist and she strikes the delicate balance between making me feel heard and asking thoughtful questions to get to the root of an issue. I love her modern approach to therapy and, again, her vast knowledge on a plethora of subjects...I learn something about myself and the world every session."

- M.M. (client)

"Charlotte Haigh, LMFT, is absolutely brilliant. She is thoughtful, compassionate and practical. She listens with kindness and offers perspective on one’s life that may be something you have never known about yourself but , on reflection, is totally true. I am a therapist too, and we refer back and forth to each other because I trust her to take care of my clients professionally and with a sense of humor that helps to 'lighten the load,' but is always appropriate."

- V.G. (colleague)

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